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Scope for Personal and Professional Enhancements

Depth or breadth – what works for you? Do you love the technical depth, like to actively apply your expertise and get to the bottom of things? Or are you more fascinated by the breadth and variety of subjects that give you the opportunity to get involved with many different tasks and to advance these?

Wherever your preferences and potentials are, at Vector we look together with you how these can be developed. Therefore, there is no one size fits all approach to enhanced development with us – it is tailor-made for each employee.

Scope for Personal and Professional Enhancements

Development Program for Vector Employees

  • Personal development perspectives: Development paths give you transparency and orientation for your development – whether as technical expert or manager.
  • Learning diversity instead of learning simplicity: How do you prefer learning? Using workshops, E-learning, webinars, seminars, lectures, individual training courses, coaching or something completely different? Us too.
  • Learning by doing: Job rotation, assignments abroad, interdisciplinary and inter-departmental projects, joint experimentation and implementation of new ideas.
  • Share your skills: We share our knowledge and also like doing so. Using Wikis, knowledge bases, yet preferably in person. Internally, we also offer mentoring and our colloquia which are a fixed part of our work. Externally, we are involved in committees. The principle: Using the diverse experiences of other participants to move steeply up the learning curve and gain inspirations for our own tasks.
  • Feedback welcome: Openness as a principle, using our Vector leadership, feedback and regular employee meetings.
  • [VP+M] = VectorPractice + Master: Accumulate practical experience and do a master's degree in parallel – with additional holiday, temporary part-time, financial support and networking with peers.
Development Program for Vector Employees
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