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Bewirb Dich initiativ!

A Colorful Team in Balance

Variety is our strength = single, married, mother, father, friend, graduate, professional, …

We are a colorful team of Vector employees. Colorful in many different ideas and visions, colorful in different life models and life phases that we find ourselves in.


Life Balance = Work, Family, Friends, Hobbies, Health

However different the individual views of life appear, we all know the challenge of maintaining the balance. Therefore it is good to know that no-one at Vector is alone with this. We find joint solutions for a good life balance by talking together. Because everyone finds a different equilibrium. We understand that.


Diversity of Offerings for Your Balance

Part-time, flexible working times, mobile working, Vector fitness center, sabbatical leaves, personal advice about the "family adventure" subject, day care solutions for children and information for nursing issues, mail service, car sharing, Vector band and sports groups, gymnastics during breaks, health days, back problems consultation.


What Supports You in Your Balance?

Our offerings for supporting your life balance form the framework for individually tailored solutions. Nothing is impossible. This requires flexible thinking and trust, by Vector and by each Vector employee. Only this allows us to jointly design variety and live.

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